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About Dr Gammons

Dr Gammons Preaches to 4 Million People.

Over the past fourty years Dr Peter Gammons has ministered face to face with more than 100 million people in over 70 nations of the world. It is historically documented that he has spoken to larger crowds than any other person in history, with up to four million people in a single service.

He is respected around the world as an evangelist, Bible scholar and Christian Statesman and is a friend and confidante to Presidents, Prime Ministers, Royalty and Leaders around the globe. In most countries he visits he is officially welcomed by heads of state and other dignitaries.

Dr Peter Gammons is driven by a passion to reach the world for Christ. To do so, God gave him a powerful strategy including City-wide Miracle Crusades, Leadership Training Events, Worldwide Television, Global Radio and E.C.H.O. Worldwide, (end Child Hunger Organization), a humanitarian mission reaching out to the world's neediest children and to the poor, alongside his crusades and events.

Lives have been touched by God in over 200 nations of the world through his Television Broadcasts, which are carried by more than 5500 television stations with global coverage by 21 satellites and his radio programmes which are broadcast each week across every country of the world.

An award winning and Best Selling Author, Dr Gammons has written over 70 books and teaching manuals, with over two million books in print, which have been translated into many other languages. His books capture the warmth, compassion and dedication which drives him to encircle the globe each year, ministering on every continent.

In 1996 Dr Gammons founded Westward College, near Cambridge, England. Now through PGMI's on-line University, students can earn Degrees in the comfort of their own home. Dr Gammons is also the Founder of Miracle Life Church, Orlando, Florida.

In 2013 he commissioned the building of a brand new 7000-seater Gospel tent constructed to hold revivals coast to coast across America, believing that we are on the verge of the last great outpouring before Christ returns.

Peter has earned BA, MA and Doctor of Ministry degrees from Presbyterian Faith Theological Seminary and a PhD in Pastoral Psychology from the University of Florida.


  • It is time for Christians in this country to unite in making a stand for the fundamental values of faith and freedom which we have inherited and which we have a responsibility to pass on undiminished to our children and grandchildren. We need to work and to pray for our nation. Dr Peter Gammons is endeavouring to inspire such a call for prayer and action and I commend him for so doing.

    Baroness Caroline Cox - House of Lords

  • Peter Gammons is one of the greatest missionaries in the world today, a remarkable evangelist to the nations! I admire his ministry and am one of his prayer and financial Partners. I love this guy. There are not many opportunities to invest in a ministry like this one, so let God speak to you.

    Dr T.L. Osborn

  • Peter, May God continue to bless your anointed life and His plan for your life. I pray for you and please remember it.

    Oral Roberts

  • You are a real friend in Christ. May God continue to bless and prosper all you do until Jesus comes.

    Charles Capps

  • Peter, You are such a blessing. Everyone at our world Conventions enjoys your presence. Everyone is always so blessed by your ministry. The blessing of the Holy Spirit is so evident upon you. You are an angel sent by God and have really blessed Vangie and I. We love you very much.

    Richard Shakarian - International President Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship Int

  • God has given Peter an amazing gifting. He prophecies to leaders of nations and has preached to over four million people in a single service, the crowds coming because of the outstanding miracles. He also has a unique teaching ministry. I'm in awe over the revelation God has given Peter. I have never before heard anyone share such profound truths.

    Sid Roth - Founder of Messianic Vision and 'It's Supernatural' Television

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