You can watch Dr Gammons in USA and around the globe on THE WORD NETWORK every Thursday morning at 1:30am direct from California (PT), or at 9:30 am in the UK / Western Europe or 7:30pm in Australia. The Word Network is carried by cable and satellite stations in over 200 countries of the world reaching millions of people in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and all across the Americas. The Word Network is reaching nearly 60 million homes in the U.S. alone through DIRECTV, DISH NET, COMCAST, TIME WARNER CABLE, BRIGHTHOUSE, COX, CABLE VISION, CHARTER and a host of other cable operators plus 105 million homes in Europe and another 9 million homes in UK on the SKY network which is carried on both the Hotbird and Eurostar satellites. In the USA it is fast becoming the most popular Christian channel, especially in the African American community and is the most watched Gospel channel across Africa. Although Dr Gammons is on early in USA, it is actually one of the most popular viewing times, especially with the unsaved, which is why we share this spot other days of the week with the likes of Joyce Meyers and Creflo Dollar. You can also watch Dr Gammons’ programs on line at or anywhere in the world at our website

Dr Gammons’ daily programs are also seen on FAITH WORLD TV at 8:30 am each weekday morning. FAITH WORLD carries more British preachers than any other Christian channel and is seen in over 200 countries across Europe, Africa and the Far East. Rupert Murdock’s SKY TV cable and satellite network is the world’s largest media empire, spanning the entire globe. Being Europe’s premier satellite provider it reaching 105 million homes in Europe alone with another 9 million homes in UK. Also as the main carrier across the Middle East for such Arabic programming as Al Jizera, Dr Gammons’ programs can be seen across all of the Middle East Islamic nations.

Our daily programs are also broadcast across Florida on WACX SUPERCHANNEL which is carried by DIRECTV, DISHNET and the BRIGHTHOUSE Cable Network. As a local station, it is carried by the Disney hotel chain bringing the Gospel to Orlando’s 90 million annual tourists. Bring broadcast as a terrestrial signal, it is also one of the few channels viewable by those without any cable or satellite subscription. Now our programs are also being translated into Spanish and broadcast across the whole Spanish speaking world on JBN. Now, thanks to our faithful partners, Dr Gammons is able to bring Christ’s saving and healing power into more than 2.8 billion homes in more than 218 countries of the world. P.S. DON’T MISS THESE LIFE CHANGING PROGRAMS! If they are broadcast at an inconvenient time for you –record them or watch our archived programs at your own convenience at our website