What Other Leaders Say

Baroness Caroline Cox, House of Lords

“It is time for Christians in this country to unite in making a stand for the fundamental values of faith and freedom which we have inherited and which we have a responsibility to pass on undiminished to our children and grandchildren. We need to work and to pray for our nation. Dr Peter Gammons is endeavouring to inspire such a call for prayer and action and I commend him for so doing.”

President Fidel V. Ramos, Philippines

“Dr Gammons, you are a precious friend and a powerful influence in our nation. Mabuhay. Best Wishes.”

Dr T.L. Osborn

“Peter Gammons is one of the greatest missionaries in the world today, a remarkable evangelist to the nations! I admire his ministry and am one of his prayer and financial Partners. I love this guy. There are not many opportunities to invest in a ministry like this one, so let God speak to you.”

T.L. Osborn

These are apostolic events taking place in your life and it is truly wonderful that you have pleased God so that He can use you like this. It eclipses anything I’ve ever witnessed. This is the day of “greater things than these shall ye do because I go to the Father.” Thanks for being my friend. I value that.

What you are seeing around the world is formidable. It is awesome that the gospel is penetrating entire nations! Nations are literally embracing the gospel! No reports concerning the ministries of Aimie Semple McPherson or Smith Wigglesworth could equal the things in your crusades.

I feel like Brother Bosworth did when he was 75 and I was a young man. He would pet my hand and say: “I’m just tickled pink to see you. You have grasped all the truths that took me years to learn and now that I am getting old, and you are young, I can see that the truth will continue to be proclaimed.”

Peter, you are young. I don’t know how many years I have remaining. I am so thankful for how God is blessing and using you. As the years accumulate for me, I have this wonderful consolation which burns in my apostolic heart: “The gospel is in good hands and the hurting world is LOVED by someone who can powerfully demonstrate that love to them.” The world is fortunate to have a messenger like you!

You are a powerful preacher and minister and have God’s vision of our hurting world. May God’s blessing crown all that you do. May you always be strong and courageous.

Thanks for your love always. You are a special friend and I respect your vision, your love, your attitude, your positiveness, your smiles your faith etc. BRAVO! Our hurting world needs you. Thank God for the truths that you know and have embraced.

Your special friend and co-worker with Christ,

Paul and Jan Crouch

“Dr Gammons, you are wonderful. Our TBN family love it when you are a part of ‘Praise the Lord.'”

Oral Roberts

“Peter, May God continue to bless your anointed life and His plan for your life. I pray for you and please remember it.”

Charles Capps

“Dr Gammons,you are wonderful. Our TBN family love it when you are a part of ‘Praise the Lord.'”

Richard Shakarian

“Peter, You are such a blessing. Everyone at our world Conventions enjoys your presence. Everyone is always so blessed by your ministry. The blessing of the Holy Spirit is so evident upon you. You are an angel sent by God and have really blessed Vangie and I. We love you very much.”

Sid Roth

“God has given Peter an amazing gifting. He prophecies to leaders of nations and has preached to over four million people in a single service, the crowds coming because of the outstanding miracles. He also has a unique teaching ministry. I’m in awe over the revelation God has given Peter. I have never before heard anyone share such profound truths. “