Back To God Campaign

The ‘Back to God’ Campaign was started by Dr Gammons with the two fold purpose:

  1. To raise up a 100,000 strong prayer army to pray for our nation.
  2. To unite to hold politicians and elected officials accountable for the values we as believers hold dear.

Dr Gammons states: “Silence is consent! For too long Christians – a term supposedly representing 85% of our nation (12% Agnostics/atheists/others; 3% Muslim) have sat back, passively allowing minority groups to force their demands on us.

Will you stand with me? If we don’t stand up for what is we believe, things will only get worse. It is time to say, “No more!” By signing up for our Back to God Campaign, you are helping to strengthen our ability to speak out on behalf of fellow believers. So, PLEASE sign up today!” PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE BACK TO GOD FORM TO DISTRIBUTE AND ENCOURAGE YOUR WHOLE CHURCH TO SIGN UP! Help us to quickly raise up a 100,000 strong ‘Prayer Army’ to intercede for revival in our nation and to unite as one voice. Membership is free. However, we do encourage you to prayerfully consider making a donation today to help us to make a greater impact in the nation.

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