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Missionary Statesman, Dr. TL OSBORN writes…

“Peter Gammons is one of the greatest missionaries in the world today, a remarkable evangelist to the nations! I admire his ministry and am one of his prayer and financial Partners. I love this guy. There are not many opportunities to invest in a ministry like this one, so let God speak to you.”

We thank God for our precious Partners, who faithfully give each month to help finance our crusade and television ministry World-Wide. Together we share in the blessings and rewards of the millions whose lives are being touched by God.

If you are not already a Partner we invite you to join us at this exciting time. We sincerely believe that Partnering with this ministry will be the wisest investment that you will EVER make.

Each month, you can touch the world…without leaving home!
You have the assurance that each gift is playing an INVALUABLE part in such life-changing outreaches as:

    • City-Wide Crusades – with crowds of up to four million people in a single service and vast numbers experience Christ’s saving and healing power
    • Schools of Ministry – held alongside the crusades to train and equip thousands of evangelists, pastors and leaders to minister in the power of the Holy Spirit
    • World-Wide Television & Radio – bringing Christ’s saving and healing power into your home. Broadcasting to up to 1.5 billion homes in 132 countries of the world.
    • Gospel Literature – to inspire faith for your miracle

Your commitment to support this ministry each month WILL make a difference to thousands of lives… for all eternity! There is no greater privilege than knowing because you put your love into action by giving, people have been saved.

Thank you for your support.


Your donations help PGMI reach out to the world.