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“I learned more in the first day than in the last 15 years as a Christian combined!”
“I used to say, “Why does God never speak to me?” Now, He speaks to me every day. Without fail, I receive personal revelation and words from the Lord. It is amazing! It is as if Dr Gammons anticipated my questions and knows the situations I’m facing.”
“It’s like sitting down personally with Dr Gammons each day, to study God’s Word.”
“This is not just a Bible study, it is prophetic revelation, straight from the Father’s heart. There is nothing else like it!”
“The notes are priceless! If I’m honest, I have always struggled to be disciplined in studying God’s Word. There were whole books of the Bible I’ve never even read, and so much I didn’t understand. I am so happy now to be studying systematically each day through the whole Bible and all my questions are getting answered. It’s like attending Bible College! The only difference is it’s only exciting faith stuff being taught!”

The notes include:
Inspring daily Devotionals | Verse by verse commentary

Book Sets

PGMI’s Study Bible

Two Bibles in one – The King James Bible including unique cross-references and notes plus the Bible in subject order with over 4000 different subjects.
The Bible is individually leather bound and includes Dr Gammons teaching notes on Divine Healing.

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