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Learn how as a young man, God called Dr. Peter Gammons to “Take My healing message and My healing power to the world”. For over 40 years Dr Gammons has travelled the world sharing the Word of God in around 200 nations with millions of people.

In this documentary, Sid Roth interviews Dr Gammons about his call all the way through to the present time.

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About Dr. Peter Gammons

Dr Peter Gammons is respected around the world as a Bible scholar, evangelist and Christian Statesman and is a friend and confidante to presidents, prime ministers, royalty, celebrities and world leaders.

Driven by a passion to reach the world for Christ, God gave Dr Gammons a strategy including City-wide Miracle Crusades (Outpourings), Leadership Training Events, Worldwide Television, Global Radio and E.C.H.O. Worldwide, (End Child Hunger Organization), a humanitarian mission reaching out to the world’s neediest children alongside his Gospel crusades.

In 2010 he launched ‘20/20 VISION’ with the goal of reaching 20 million souls for Christ by the year 2020. So far we are ahead of target with over eighteen million people responding for salvation in the past eight years.

Lives have also been touched around the world through his Television Broadcasts, which along with his radio programs have been broadcasting the uncompromised Gospel across the globe for more than three decades.

An award-winning and Best Selling Author, Dr Gammons has written over 100 books and Bible Commentaries, with millions in print, many of which have been translated into other languages including Hebrew, Danish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Polish, Slovakian and Japanese. His books capture the humour, compassion and passion which drives him to encircle the globe each year, ministering on every continent.

Dr Gammons has earned BA, MA and Doctor of Ministry degrees from Presbyterian Faith Theological Seminary and a PhD in Pastoral Psychology from Canon University, Florida as well as several honorary degrees. In 1996 he founded Westward College, Cambridge in England to equip the next generation of pastors, missionaries and evangelists to minister ‘In the Spirit’s Power.’ In 1998 the college, developed an online university so that students all around the world could earn their degrees in the comfort of their own home.

Dr Gammons 7000 seater Gospel Tent

Asian Christmas Service

Television Studio

Radio Studio

Dr Gammons Sao Paulo, Brazil


“During this time the early church had no buildings. Even in Rome, the heart of the Roman Empire, they met in a house. Priscilla and Aquila had opened their home for the church. In the first century the church was not in buildings like we have now but in homes.” Quote: Oral Roberts founder of Oral Roberts University. Quote from his commentary on the Book of Romans page 225

“The local church met in private homes at the very beginning (see Acts 12:12; Col. 4:14; 1 Coe. 16:19; Philemon 2). There is no decisive evidence until the third century of the existence of special buildings used for churches. It is the belief of many folk today, and I have had this belief for years, that the church which began in the home will return to meeting in the home. ” Quote Dr Vernon McGee (1904-1988) theologian, radio host, professor of Dallas Theological Seminary and successor to R.A.Torrey’s Church of the Open Door, Los Angeles (1949-1970).

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