Dr Peter Gammons

PHOTO: Dr Gammons speaks to over 4 million people
the largest crowd in history

Dr Peter Gammons

PHOTO: Dr Gammons speaks to over 4 million people
the largest crowd in history

About Dr. Peter Gammons

Dr Peter Gammons is one of the world’s most popular and in-demand Inspirational and Motivational speakers. It is historically documented that he has spoken to some of the largest events in history.

His is an inspiring story of having come from a small British farming community to becoming a friend and adviser to Presidents, Prime Ministers, Celebrities and World Leaders.

He has spoken at conferences and events in almost every country in the world, some held in packed out parks, football stadiums and vast sports arenas, including London’s Wembley Arena and London’s Docklands Arena (Excel Centre).

Dr Gammons addressing a crowd in the Philippines estimated at 4 million or more, believed to be the largest event in history.

Peter’s message is always uplifting and inspiring and never negative. As he often says: “I’ve only got good news,” encouraging people to discover their uniqueness, overcome their fears and chase their dreams. Past conference themes have included: ‘The Secrets of Success, Health and Happiness,’; ‘How To Create Your Dream World’ and his 15-part ‘School of Success.’

As well as being a popular guest on talk shows, his own Prime-Time television broadcasts have over the years been carried on over 1700 stations worldwide, with a potential global audience of around 2 billion. He has also hosted several phone-in radio programmes. Peter is especially known for his sense of humour.

An award-winning and Best-Selling Author, he has written numerous books, with several millions copies in print. They have also been translated into many other languages including Hebrew, Spanish, Danish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Polish, Slovakian, Russian, Ukrainian, Czech, German and Japanese.

Dr Gammons has three earned doctorates: D.Min, D.D. and a PhD.

Peter is a passionate philanthropist, supporting over 200 charities and donating up to 90% of his book sales to charity. He also refuses to take any salary from charitable projects he is involved in. He is an outspoken defender of civil liberties and a champion for the poor, often mobalising volunteers during his events to feed whole poor communities.

Peter’s main offices have been in London for almost 30 years where he ran for Mayor in 2021. His main fight was to end the cronyism, corruption and waste at City Hall and to fight for the poorer and ordinary Londoners who he believes are being discriminated against by the current administration.

His fight for the disadvantaged brought him to national prominence with regular reports on the main BBC and ITV News and articles in the Sun, Express, Times, Telegraph, Metro and Standard.  He was also guest on Talk Radio’s ‘Vanessa’ (Feltz), Julia Hartley-Brewer and many others.  His Party Political Broadcast to the nation was shown directly before the memorial tribute to Prince Philip, watched by millions.

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